Portable Equipment

Lingfield Equine Vets have invested in an extensive range of portable equipment to enable us to undertake diagnostic work which may, more traditionally have required hospitalisation to achieve. Some of the equipment is suitable for use at your yard which means that investigating a problem or checking on the progress of an injury can be done more conveniently without the need to travel.
For some procedures like gastroscopes we require your horse to travel to our clinic.
Lingfield Equine Vets have the following portable equipment:

•       2 x Digital X-ray Machines
    Lameness examinations
    Following trauma or accidents
    Neurological cases
    Back Problems
    Nasal discharge/ Dental Disease/Headshaking

•       3 x Ultrasound  Machines
    Lameness examinations
    Cardiac disease including colour doppler
    Reproductive Purposes
    Medical Investigation - abdomen, chest, ocular scans   

•        Video Gastroscope (3.2m)
        Investigation and monitoring of gastric ulcers
        Ability to take biopsies
        Video screen to view and save images

•        Endoscope (1.2m)
        Fully portable endoscope for use on yard or on track
        Investigation of respiratory isssues
        Ability to take washes/samples
        Investigation of nose bleeds, nasal discharge.

•        Shockwave
        Treatment of tendon or ligament or muscular injuries

•        Weigh scales
        Accurate weights for worming and drug dosages
        Fully portable
        Monitoring weight loss or gain
        Frequent yard weigh clinics

•        Power dental equipment and rasps

•        Telemetric ECG   
    Used at rest and exercise for cardiac problems

Please contact the practice if you would like any more information on any of our portable equipment or would like to arrange an appointment.