Our Team

Rachel Atherton, Kate Granshaw and George Christopherson are the partners of the business.
Rachel and Kate are the senior vets at LEV and works alongside our full time equine vets: Rebecca Mouncey, Sarah Woods and Suzi Johnson and two part time equine vets: Jo Woodman and Filip Vaneekhaute.
George is responsible for the efficient running of the business behind the scenes.
The vets are supported by two veterinary assistants Charlotte Headley and Rachel McGrath.  Charlotte and Rachel manage their time between caring for  patients in our Hospital and supporting our Vets out on the road with our customers. 
A further team in the office undertake all administrative responsibility including managing the vets and hospital diaries. These are comprised Becka Leigh, Nickie Harris and Sally Dolton and Michelle Chappell our accounts manager.

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